Things you can't miss in Music City

Filled with delicious food, one of the best live music scenes in the country, and ample amounts of Southern hospitality, it’s easy to fall in love with Nashville.

It’s hard to go wrong during a weekend visit. Fill your weekend with the activities from one of the below categories, or mix and match to have the full experience. Many of the best things to do in the city naturally come together. You’ll find that the beautiful Tennessee outdoors is often the best place to find the delicious Southern food and amazing music that Nashville is famous for.

Nashville Can’t-Misses For Music Lovers

  1. Hit the Live Music scene, Downtown

    This is not intended to be vague but more to guide you into knowing: there is no bad live music in Nashville. In a place where even the ultra-talented are scraping by, trying to get their start, you are treated to great performances just about everywhere in the city. If you’re visiting in the late Spring, Summer, or early Fall months, the parks and outdoor spaces come alive with music performances from every genre. Pick your budget, your location, and your musical preference, and show up to one of the many shows available that weekend.

  2. Visit United Record Pressing, Downtown

    Watch vinyl records get made and hear the rich history behind the industry at this operating production. For the full tour, visit United Record Pressing on Friday mornings.

  3. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Downtown

    While Nashville’s music history is much more diverse than country music, country is deeply ingrained in the city’s culture. It’s worth a visit to the Hall of Fame and Museum even if you’re not a country music lover. If possible, time your visit to the museum with one of the live music sets they host from time to time.

Nashville Can’t-Misses For Music Lovers

  1. Prince’s Hot Chicken, Downtown

    With two outposts, Prince’s is famous for one thing and one thing only: traditional hot chicken. Coated in a spice rub that puts imitators to shame, their chicken has been deep-fried to perfection for roughly 100 years. The menu also offers milder options if you’re not up for the heat.

  2. The Green Pheasant, Downtown

    Nashville’s food scene is not just for the old school. Modern restaurants have expanded, with a steady stream of new, interesting, and sophisticated doors opening and solidifying the city as a “foodie” destination. Try The Green Pheasant for a modern take on Southern food with an Asian influence.

  3. Arnold’s Country Kitchen, Downtown

    Another historical outpost, Arnold’s has been serving good, old-fashioned, Southern food for over 30 years. In the traditional cafeteria style so beloved by the working class of the U.S.A., the tender meats, sides, and biscuits will you leave you happily satisfied for less than the cost of two cups of coffee from your favorite craft roaster at home.

Nashville Experiences For Outdoorsy Folks

  1. Rock climbing at Obed, 2.5 hr drive

    Climbers from all over the world come to experience the thrill of scaling the overhanging cliffs within the Obed Wild and Scenic River area. There are over 350 bolted routes to attempt in the park along with opportunities for traditional climbing and bouldering.

  2. Stand Up Paddle Board at Percy Priest Lake, 15 min drive

    Percy Priest Lake is a recreational water haven located just outside downtown Nashville. Rent a stand-up paddleboard, take your poles for some fishing, or spend the night at one of the onsite campgrounds.

  3. Centennial Park, Downtown

    If you’re not keen to leave the city during your time there, head over to Centennial Park in downtown Nashville. In addition to the countless events that the park hosts in the Summer, there are also great food trucks and miles of beautiful and well-maintained trails for running, biking, or strolling through the green space.

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